"Someone is playing the piano... "

Leonardo da Silva Matos




A 18 years old brazilian guy named Leonardo da Silva Matos starts to see a tall and faceless man in his house. In the first ocurrency, beside the doors moving by itself, the Faceless man appeared in the middle of the camera interference. The second was when the piano started playing by itself and Leo found a piece of paper with a strange symbol, but was surprised by the faceless man and passed out. Soon, his cousin, Gulierme, comes to Leo and tells him that his parents are gone. 


Leonardo S. Matos - A 18 years old brazilian guy its being chased by the Faceless Man in his house.

Guilerme Silva - A 13 years old boy, its Leo's cousin and visits him when his parents are suddenly gone.

The Faceless Man - A strange humanoid figure whithout face, which haunts Leo and Gui for a reason yet to be discovered.


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