The Giant is the version of The Slender Man from The Giant Narrative.

Comparison from The Slender ManEdit

The series author states that the Giant is going to use portions of the original Slender Man Mythos in the future, and that the names S-Man, Giant and Slender Man are all interchangeable in the narrative. It is, however, a distinctly separate entity from the Slender Man Mythos. The resion for the return to the is to make him scarier again.


  • the Giant is shown to physically walk
  • The Slender Man/Giant also appears to wear a hat.


  • He is shown to cause heavy interference in electronic equipment, just as the regular Mythos' Slender Man does.
  • It is usually silent.
  • The Giant may have proxies. This is first suggested in "NATURE", a video uploaded by an unknown party which shows a figure clad in a red coat wander around the village where Jack lives.