TheStrangesPeople12 (TSP12) is a Youtube ARG created in 2014.

Tsp12 symbol

Series Plot Edit

TheStrangestPeople12 begins as a Youtube vlog by a young pre-teen boy named Matthew "Gordon" Samuels. as he claims in a video that, he's "suffering from coughing up blood" and that he thinks that he's "alone" in his house, he then uploads a video on the same day recording himself sleeping, until there is an abrupt beeping sound and a errie distorted photo of something until it flashes back to Matthew, awake and startled, saying that he "doesn't know what he was dreaming about". Some days later, his Youtube channel is hacked by an unknown person in a mask and hoodie (whom is later revealed as a person called "RedHead") who uploaded several cryptic videos, Matthew notices this and uploads a video prompting the person to stop uploading videos on his channel without his knowledge or permission


Characters Edit

Matthew Samuels- a boy who is stalked by the Slender Man and other antagonists. He owns and created the channel.

Slender Man- a paranormal creature hunting/stalking Matthew for unknown reasons.

RedHead- he is the series antagonist. He wears a red mask and a blue jacket and black jeans. Main antagonist of the series.

Emily- Matthew's dead sister who is helping him with his current ordeals.

The Cameraman/Elliot- An acquaintance who sometimes films in Matthew's house.

Eathan - A friend of Matthew, he hasn't made an onscreen acquaintance yet but has helped or is currently helping Matthew.

The Enigma - A mysterious entity who has "possessed" Matthew on different occasions. Nothing, as of yet, is known who or what the "Enigma" is.

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