TheLostJournal00 is a Slender Man Mythos Vlog Series that adds a few fears from The Fear Mythos. The Story goes off a character named Jake Hamilton archiving his best friend's old videos from his Video Journal.

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Season 1 Edit

The series starts off with Jake Hamilton claiming the ComputerGuide series is fake and that he created it. he also said that he unlisted all of the videos. then he claims that hes now useing the channel to archive Eric's (aka Jake's best friend's) videos. the first video was uploaded it was called The Chemical Experiment (Archived Video)the video starts off normal. but at the end a werid distorted clip appears with Eric's head down. new video was uploaded on TheLostJournal00 channel called Update #1 2/6/2016 Jake Hamilton then tweeted on his Twitter about its raining. an unknown being/human hacked Jake's twitter and posted base64 coding and uploaded a strange video called aW5mZWN0aW9u.avi on Jake's Twitter 3 new tweets where made. 1 of them was made by the same mysterious hacker. a new video was uploaded by the hacker agein (what a odd day for a odd video XD) but this time WHan dem't kne'w ief iats creted bey (April Fools 2016) a little later jake uploaded a new video called Second Updateand in it, it was comfirmed that jake made the april fools video. a new video called The Chemical Experiment: The Beginning Of Our Experiments (Archived Video) was uploaded this is when things start to get strange. a new video titled 6865736c6f6f6b696e67666f72796f75.avi was uploaded this was The Slender Man's first appearance.

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Seasons 1
Written By WonderPsycho Media aka sacktroop248
Directed By WonderPsycho Media aka sacktroop248
Episodes 7