SmileDogSightings is a Series set in The Quietverse associated with The Smile Dog. It can be whatched here.


The series focuses on a young boy with asthma, his channel was MrAwesomeGuy17. Owen (who is the main character) sees smile dog. Liu secretly contacts him over the phone. Liu asks if he and kit can stay at his house since they don't feel safe at their own houses, Owen reluctantly lets him. Owen posts the first sighting of smile dog with Taz (Owen’s dog) and runs while hearing "spread the word" in his head. He gets a weapon to scare it off, but by the time he's ready the smile dog is gone. He decides to change his channel's name to SmileDogSightings.


  • Owen: The Protagonist, [TBA]
  • Austin: The Deuteragonist, [TBA]
  • Kit: The Deuteragonist of Archerstapes, [TBA]
  • Archer: The Protagonist of Archerstapes And Will Have A Brief Cameo, [TBA]
  • Liu Woods: The Protagonist of Beneath the Waters, [TBA]
  • Smile Dog: The Main Antagonist, spread through images, currently stalking Owen, Austin, Kit and Liu.
  • Slender Man: The Second Main Antagonist Who Will Appear Briefly In the Series.


  • This Series Is Filmed In Canada, Since I'll Be There For A Bit.