• Slender Poltergeist is a film in which someone uses a Ouija Board and summon's a demon known as ZoZo. Or The Slender Man. It will start filming July 5th 2016 in Hartstown Park and Blanchardstown Centre. It will be released via YouTube October 31st 2017.
  • Story: Slender Poltergeist follows Adrian McGregger and Daniel McGregger as they search for a mythical demon summoned by a Ouija Board. It takes place in 2019 in a world of war between religion's.
  • Characters: Adrian McGregger was born July 5th 2003 and is a Catholic turned Atheist. After being dared he searches for demon's... his perspective on spirits is about to change... Daniel McGregger was born August 26th 2003 and is a catholic. He believe's that demon's are in HELL and cannot attack us due to being trapped. Hunter was born at a unknown date with Adrian and Daniel assuming she is born 2005. Slender/ZoZo/Operator is the main antagonist and is responsible for Hunter's forgotten past.
  • Cast: is the director of Slender Poltergeist. Glenn Byrnie is the Co - Director and play's Daniel McGregger, Hunter is played by Mya Jones. Adrian McGregger's Actor is [REDACTED BY CRYPT CORP].
  • For further info please go to

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