Note: The Ark in this series is in no way connected with The Ark in Marble Hornets and nothing that sounds similar is supposed to be a game jack of Marble Hornets.

SchoolBusKid17 (abbreviated SBK17) is a series where Adrian Ashdown creates a channel to document strange things happening at his school and school bus. He says his school bus driver is skipping one stop and acting weird. He then gets a envelope containing two pieces of paper. Later in the afternoon more weird things happen to him like getting emails and more notes. He then gets a FaceTime message from Hiro when Hiro is suddenly pulled away from the phone. He then gets another FaceTime call from a unknown person in a mask.

Characters Edit

  • Adrian Ashdown- The main protagonist in the series and also the target for the Slender Man
  • Jessica Parker- The school bus driver for Adrian and Hiro. She hasn't been showed in the series yet but is referenced a couple of times. She dies early in the series by getting impaled on a tree.
  • Hiro Underwood- A friend of Adrian who also has his own channel. He has only been shown a couple of times and it seems he is often referenced in papers that say "His fault".
  • Mann im Anzug- Not very much is known about him but he has his own channel with two videos currently.
  • The Harbinger (Slender)- Has only appeared twice in the series
  • Isaiah- A secondary character who has appeared only two times.

Trivia Edit

  • Adrian is atheist
  • Adrian is in the 4th grade
  • Mann im Anzug means Man in Suit in German

Influences Edit

SchoolBusKid17 is influenced by TribeTwelve, everymanHybrid and DarkHarvest00

Crossovers Edit

  • VideoGameKid9000- Hiro's youtube channel (Note: The channel has become inactive)


Ending Edit

The series was ended so suddenly because the creator was not satisfied with it. He will be making a new series called GreenVlogger12.