"Records of Unliving" is a blog which is written by an individual who goes by the name of "Cecil"

Characters Edit

Writers: Edit

Cecil: Edit

Cecil writes the blog. Little is known about him, and he seems to like keeping it that way. He is in apparent conflict with the Optic Nerve. He is in some sort of a relationship with the Minister and his organization, but it is unknown how so. He is also related to the Slender Man to some degree. It is possible that Cecil is a Runner. He seems to be a collector of information.

Emerald: Edit

Emerald is a co-owner of the blog who posts when Cecil is away or occupied. She appears carefree and nonchalant about recalling events, and hardly retells events directly. Emerald has a difficulty recalling names.

Alisto: Edit

Alisto is an apparent co-owner of the blog, and inserts his own editorials into certain blog excerpts. He appears to be a disturbed individual, and is likely the one brought to Cecil by the Slender Man.

Others: Edit

The Slender Man: Edit

An apparently malevolent entity that appears to be stalking Cecil, or is at least somewhat related to him.

The Optic Nerve: Edit

A shady government organization which researches and combats the Slender Man. More can be learned about them here.

The Minister: Edit

Appears in an audio transcript posted by Cecil. It is unknown who he is, but it seems apparent that he leads an organization of some sort, or at least holds a fairly high-ranking position in it. It is unlikely that this organization is the Optic Nerve due to his odd references to the Slender Man. It is quite possible that this organization is the "Vox in homine"

Hailey(?): Edit

Previously an apparent assistant/servant to the Minister, she was apparently shot by the Minister during a VIH gathering. Cecil mentions that they were once associates. Her fate is unknown.

Marina Hiram: Edit

Marina Hiram is a "Secondary Chancellor" of the VIH.

Bruce Hiram: Edit

Bruce Hiram is Marina Hiram's ex-spouse. He was brutally maimed by Marina during a spat of violence. His fate is unknown.

Mr. Hexer: Edit

Mr. Hexer is what appears to be a freelance mercenary of some sort who has worked for the Optic Nerve on numerous occasions. He is responsible for the apparent slaughter of Cecil's Dig-Site crew during an excavation on an abandoned landfill. He has been referenced on Cecil's Twitter account, as well.

"Voice of Reason" Edit

The "Voice of Reason has been referenced on numerous occasions on the blog. It is likely that the "Voice of Reason" is the Villain.

Links Edit

The Blog:


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