Four friends travel to the New Forest, Hampshire, after hearing rumours about a 'Tree-man' attacking locals. To see if it was true, they spent the night in the woodland area. They were attacked in the night by a faceless creature, but managed to survive the night.

Time passes, and after setting up a blog, MoreChoice, NearTheEdge, GracefulRabbit and Spindamaster discover that they are being watched and stalked by an individual known as Krohe.


MoreChoice - the main character.

Spindamaster - a victim who was 'time-warped'. Confirmed to have been stalking Jay, killed by Slender Man.

GracefulRabbit - a main character who is hinted to be able to see the future. Taken by the Ferrymen, confirmed dead.

NearTheEdge - a character who was linked to Krohe. Confirmed dead.

Krohe - the main villain. Confirmed to be dead at the hands of Spindamaster.

Patchwork/Michael/The Conductor - a temporary ally who became an insane proxy. Broke free from Krohe, status unknown.

Paul Marrane - a man known as 'the man undying'. Has a history with Slender Man. Status unknown.

The Beast - Paul's dark counterpart. Works alongside Krohe and Patchwork. Status unknown.

Slender Man - an entity who attacks the main characters on numerous occasions.

The Ferrymen - a group who existed since ancient Egyptian times. Worship Slender Man. All members have been confirmed dead.


The series was originally called LastChance, but was changed to NearlyTheEnd

The series is influenced by DarkHarvest and EverymanHYBRID. Inspiration for the series originally came from watching TribeTwelve.

At one point, a user attempted to gamejack. However, it was quickly put an end to.

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