A Verse is a collection of stories all set in the same universe (or multiverse), usually written by the same author or authors. A Verse usually has recurring themes, motifs, and characters and often an overarching story.

Verse Creator Named for
Core Theory Multiple Its central concept
DSTM-Verse DaLadybugMan It's main blog, Don't Shoot the Messenger
The Eleventh Hour Trilogy ??? It's second blog
Giant Narrative ??? The version of Slender Man featured
Operation Wintergreen Omega [Other writers never disclosed] It's last blog
The Quietverse ToyGoldenFreddy2 Unknown
Deathonverse A.J Lewis/Sonicski It's third vlog
Eckva Verse ??? Unknown
Cynetteverse ?????????????? Unknown
Realityverse Multiple is main vlog this channel
Kageverse Multiple Is an universe Deathonverse
Zalgoverse Multiple Is an universe Deathonverse