The Killgrim is a creature who people have thought of him living during the same time of the Slender Man . Some say, the Slender Man makes his Proxies  but he or it is actually the proxy of the Killgrim. The Killgrim is like the father or "Great God" of Slender Man and the proxy organisation. The Killgrim is told to have stronger abilities than the Slender Man himself. The Killgrim can be referred to as different names:

  • Tall Man with a pilgrim hat
  • The Skulled-Faced Man
  • Great God
  • Great God Father
  • The Father of Souls

There is one thing that the Killgrim never mentions is his real name. The Killgrim's real name isn't announced to the pubic universe but in code for which the Proxies refer to him. The Killgrim's name is slightly unpronounceable by homosapiens for which the Proxies actually know and never share it to anyone or as that is, if they even know his name. His name in secret human-misunderstanding-language is given by the Proxy Lords as: “∂5ᶌᶲ14”. If anyone can actually solve this out without being taken to doom, will know his name. The Killgrim's titled symbol, just like The Operator's symbol, the Killgrim's symbol can be an O, or an O with a cross (Like the Zodiac Killer's symbol). The symbol in the code of a secret language is his 'Outdated' Symbol to disguise himself for which the Killgrim has up to 4 different symbols as recorded.


The Killgrim has many abilities similar and beyond the Slender Man's.

  • Mind Control
  • Sickness
  • Amnesia
  • Stretch
  • Tree Blinder

More will be listed soon.


The Killgrim's appearance is similar to the Slender Man.

  • Pilgrim hat
  • Black suit
  • Black tie
  • Black pants and dress shoes
  • Skulled Face

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