JenseitsDesBogens (german: "across/beyond the arc") is a YouTube Slender ARG created in 2016. It is among the first german slender ARGs on YouTube. The whole series, including storywriting, shooting and publishing, is created and managed by the german media collective

The channel can be found here.

Plot Edit

The story of JenseitsDesBogens revolves around the young youtuber Henri Kastell. Based in the city of Hamburg, Henri originally created the channel in order to talk about the topic of role playing games, covering subjects such as LARP, pen&paper, tabletop and virtual reality. However, after delving into the first core rulebook ("Cthulhu", based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft), Henri soon experiences strange changes in his everyday lives. Unknown people repeatedly reappearing in the background of his videos, strange audio distortions, and a faceless creature that seems to have a certain interest in Henris activities.

Cast Edit

  • Henri Kastell: A young, aspiring film student who tried to share his passion for RPG systems and storytelling with his viewers. Henri is the protagonist of JenseitsDesBogens and appears in almost all of the videos. He seems to be the main target of the unknown creature.
  • Jakub Wiese: A composer and musical freelancer, and Henri's best fried. Quite a bit more grounded and realistic than Henri, it takes a while for Jakub to accept that the strange events depicted in Henri's VLOGs are more than just elaborate visual effects. After that, he becomes one of Henri's most important allies.
  • Rick: Working in IT for a big company, Rick is Henri's first contact when it comes to computer related stuff. Unfortunately, that makes him a fitting target for the strange forces that follow Henri's each and every move.
  • The unknown observer: This man, at first unnoticed, appeared in several videos thath Henri published on his channel. His true name and agenda remains still unknown, yet he seems to have a certain interest in Henri's activities on YouTube as well as in real life.
  • "ERRROR": According to Rick, the alias "ERRROR" is, amongst the insiders, known to be one of the most skilled and dangerous hackers on the globe. He seems to have a connection to the people that are after Henri.
  • "The faceless man" / "The thing" / etc.: A slim, large creature with roughly humanoid shape, but oddly long arms and missing a face. The creature seems to have appeared since Henri got hold of a certain item and has been following him ever since. The abilities of the faceless man seem to be superhuman, even supernatural, but his/its true nature still has to be discovered.

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