A week before the start of the blog Michael Holmes recieved several papers in his mailbox, a day before the start of the blog his power was cut out by someone. He chose to start the blog as a last stitch effort to get help, hence the name.

Night #1 IncidentEdit

The night the blog was started a video was posted on the YouTube channel of Michael vomiting and then taking some pills. He later posted on Twitter saying, " i'm feeling terrible" "i dont know why my bedroom door opened on its own" He then posted on his blog , "thepillsitookwerenotadvil.idontknowwhattheywere." "imseeingthismaninasuit.itsthemaster.theresamaninamasktoo.ithinkitsthepaperman.hestalkingtome.tellingmetosleep.imgoingtolisten." He then posted the final message on Twitter , "thepapermansaystosleep".

The morning after he posted on Twitter stating, " I woke up this morning with blood on my pillow and on my floor. I don't know what happened. I wasn't in control, I don't remember why. "