Execution Is The First Main Episode Of Beneath The Waters On Sully's Channel.

Script Edit

[A Masked Man Walks Thourgh Grassy Area, His Shadow Is Only Seen]

Masked Man: This Way.


[The Masked Man Has An Unknown Person With A Bag And Smiley Face]

Masked Man: This...This Is The Execution, For All Of You

[He Takes Out A Gun]

Masked Man: And The Game Begins...Now!

[He Fires]

[The Masked Man Kicks The Body Into The Floor]

Masked Man: That Was The Hard Part, Now For The Easy Part

[He Kicks The Person Holding The Camera]


Masked Man: Let's Be Honest Liu, You Knew This Would Come Upon You.

[The Final Shot Is A Quick Frame Of Slenderman With The Text "You're Next."]

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