Doomed For Eternity Is A Series Created After Liu Woods Was Cancelled And Does Not Feature Much Of Slender Even Though It's Set In The Slender Verse. The Series Takes Place In A New Mythos Simply Named The Hunted Years

Plot Edit

Broadcast 1 [Season 1] Edit

An Unknown Force Takes Over The Liu Woods (Now Keaton After The Timeline Was Reset) Channel And Re Names It, Uploading A Video In Which He Says That A Force Is Coming Back. A 911 Call Is Played In Which The Man On The Other End Sees A Tall Pale Man Standing Outside His House Watching Him, When The Operator Asks Him For His Address, He Is Attacked By An Unknown Entity. Liu Gains Final Control Of The Channel And Thanks His Viewers Before Leaving The Channel For Good. The Owner Of The Channel Goes On A Train And Films An Unknown Location While On The Train. The Next Video Is Uploaded From A Person Filming Nicknamed 'The Girl' Who Meets The Channel Runner, Revealed To Be One Known As The Shadow Who Is Using The Girl As His Vessel. He Films Her Waking Up One Night And Tells Her That Homicidal Bloody Rosemary Is Of Use To Them Being Her Third Personality And Also Let's The Girl Know They Are Going To Be Looking For Something Known As Shards. The Girl Is Teleported To An Unknown Location Where She Is Told To Search For The First Shard, In Which The Girl Finds It. She Asks Where The Shadow Is And He Appears And Takes The First Shard, He Warns Her That He Is Coming, In Which The Girl Panics And Runs Away, Hiding In The Hall. Meanwhile Rosemary Is Attacked By Jeff And Begs Liu To Help Him, It Is Implied Liu And Jeff Had A Fight While Rosemary Fled. She Is Later Seen Walking On A Path Talking To Her Personalities And Is Trying To Get Away From The Shadow And Tells The Shadow That He'll Have To Catch Her First. The Broadcast Ends With An 24 Hour Radio With The Song Gyrospoce Constantly Playing. The Last Comment To His Followers He Mentions A Creature Named The Slime

Broadcast 2 [Season 2] Edit

Two Unlisted Videos Are Uploaded, Titled "THEROOMISBLUE" And "THEROOMISRED" In Which He Challenges His Subscribers To Find The Videos. A Subscriber Named Blu Spy Finds The Videos Which Means They Were Uploaded

Crossovers Edit

The Stables

Project zero

The authors journal

Homicidal bloody rosemary

Characters Edit

  • The Girl = The Main Protagonist And The Shadows Vessel
  • The Shadow = The Secondary Protagonist And Antagonist
  • Liu Keaton = A Different Version Of Liu Who Is CURRENTLY Not A Killer, His Alternate Personality Has Not Yet Hit Maturity And Cannot Take Over Liu's Body As Over Now
  • Jeff Keaton = 'FILE MISSING'
  • Bloody Rosemary = A Deuteragonist Of Doomed For Eternity And Protagonist Of Her Own Channel
  • Sukya = Rosemary's First Personality
  • Kyoka = Rosemary's Second Personality
  • The Slime = The Slender Man Of The Series
  • The Host [Slender Man] = 'FILE MISSING'

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