Clowny is an antagonist from the ARG Video Series, TalesFromTheSpidersWeb, first appearing in the video, APPROACH. His motives and identity are unknown as of now, but it is implied that he is a messenger of some sort for the MOSTLY HOSTLY channel.

Appearances Edit

  • Halloween Footage Part 2 - Possibly at 14:06.
  • APPROACH - Clowny appears in David's doorway. He waves at the camera. It is unknown if he made the messages and images in the video.
  • Close Encounter - David hears tapping at is window. He goes outside to investigate. Clowny sprints toward David and presumably tackles him and attacks him. Clowny suddenly stops and dissapears.
  • THROUGHTHEVOIDISHARMONY - He is seen poking a bonfire and staring into the camera, as Sage states, to watch out for 'this thing', and that it has been hunting him for some time now.
  • GHOSTOFTHINGSTOCOME - He is seen staring into the camera, almost the same clip of him in Halloween Footage Part 2.
  • INTRODUCTION -  Clowny is seen in the majority of this video. He is seen toying with a knife and staring into the camera, he is seen holding obscure messages in a notebook of some sort, he is seen tapping at David's window from Close Encounter, he is seen making hand gestures as he stares into the camera and the shapes around him, there are frames in which he is making the "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" gestures, and lastly, he is seen once again staring into the camera, just before he lunges toward it.