Archerstapes Is A Spin Off Series Of Liu Woods Focused On Archer When He Was Human

Season One Edit

The Channel Is Started Off By Kit Making The Channel To Upload Her Friend Archers Tapes, Who Went Missing To Years Ago. The First Tape Is Uploaded An Hour Later With Archer Trying To Turn His Torch On. His Torch Starts Going Crazy And He Explains He Is Alone And Is Hearing Noises In His House. The Power Was Out. He Catches Something On His Camera (Elementos) And Appears To Be More Afraid. Elementos Vanishes And He Says He'll Record More When He Gets The Chance. Kit Films But Only Gets Static, She Then Updates The Channel.

Links Edit

Characters Edit

  • Kit - She Runs The Channel And Is Archers Old Friend. She Found All The Tapes And Films The Tape Intros. She Will Appear In Liu Woods.
  • Doug Archer - He Was The One Who Recorded All The Tapes Before He Went Missing. He Will Appear In Liu Woods.
  • Elementos - One Of The Proxy Who Stalks Archer, With His Group, He Wants More Than To Kill Him.
  • Carver - Before He Was Rouge, He Worked With The High Ranked Proxies, He Has The Same Intentions As The Other Group Does.
  • Clover - A Female Proxy Who Doesn't Really Appear In The Series But Stalks Archer, She Also Has The Same Intentions As The Others.
  • Slenderman - He Is The Main Antagonist Of The Series, Appearing More Than The Proxies, Wanting To Abduct Archer And Make Him A Slender.
  • Liu Woods - Though He'll Only Appear In A Few Tapes And Tape Intros He Is Trying To Find Out What Has Happened.

Trivia Edit

  • The Series Will Crossover With Liu Woods.
  • You Can Interact With Kit To Develop The Story.
  • The Series Will Be Shorter Than Liu Woods

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